Yakuza: Like a Dragon (dunkview)

“Winners never quit and quitters never win” – chicken from Yakuza.

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  1. As I age out of my 20s and into my 30s, this game actually did something to make me feel like theres a bunch of shit that I could still do. Obviously nothing they do in this game, but I guess when you are younger it kind of feels like you prepare 1-22 for the rest of your twenties and then thats it, funs over, time to get old and die, but theres like hopefully 2/3rds of your life left at that point. IMO it was genius having the main character be 42 in this game and having to start from scratch. Even though the average player that feels like it's too late and they wasted their life probably isn't just fresh out of jail and has a less solid reason for not making more of things, we really can't have any lower of a starting point than 42 ex-con with a hit out on him and no money having to work your way up from homelessness with no one and nothing to help him. If he can pick himself up from that and make his way to owning an orbital laser, maybe it's not too late for you or me either.

  2. Finally someone who appreciates the MANAGEMENTO MODO

  3. Dunkey, you should do a video on cancelled video games.

  4. hey dunkey….u should make a video about forspoken

  5. I think dunkey is just now realizing what an RPG is

  6. I gave up on the game when you are forced to be a “business owner”. It is mandatory for progression, but I have the Japanese version so no clear idea how to get rid of that crap (yeah I read Japanese, but this was very poorly explained, and boring AF – and yes, I live in Japan, which is why I got the local version). I closed the game and never launched it again.

  7. Last year I went through all the mainline Yakuza games in order because I enjoyed Yakuza 0 so much and when I finally got to LAD I didn't connect with Ichiban or the slower place of the battles. But I kept playing and they really grew on me. Sure, Ichiban is as dumb as a box of rocks but he has so much heart it was impossible to not root for him, especially at the very end of the game. As for the combat, it is slower and I didn't feel the hits as much, but being turn-based made it much more chill. I'm a sucker for levels and character upgrades too and this game is full of them. The only problem was the grinding. Fun, but still too much. 9/10

  8. Still have no idea who is peeing in the water

  9. the dunk has spoken, will have to try like a dragon out

  10. I couldn't finish this game. I was invested in the story , I liked the characters and most of the mini games were fun (fuck that business management shit though ) . However, after a while the core gameplay loop of stopping for a turn based battle every couple of minutes to earn not nearly enough XP for your efforts, just got monotonous and felt like a chore .

  11. What happened to the dunkstreams? Walter .no channel?

  12. Hey, Dunk. When's that BIGMODE merch coming out?

  13. Dunkey when are you gonna play everhood, i dare you

  14. When you heard sax at the end, it's mean the game got dunkey approved

  15. dunkey you should see and make a review of babylon (if you really liked lalaland and whiplash you'll like this one too)

  16. I'm glad Dunkey liked this one because it's genuinely one of the funniest RPGs I've ever played.

  17. Hey dunkie. I'm on my mom's phone, Believe it or not my mom is subbed to you and I'm fuckin shocked

  18. Fun fact: the combat started as an april fools joke, but fans liked it enough they made it into a whole game

  19. Dunkey please review Peter Jackson's King Kong The Official Game of The Movie

  20. should have ended the video at the 10 sec mark, would have been the perfect review.

  21. While he doesn't recommend it, Dunkey still liked it; for someone who doesn't really get into JRPG's, that's pretty good.

  22. This feels like it was meant to be a mobile game.

  23. Downloaded this a few months for free on PS monthly games. Started playing a few days ago and I’m enjoying it so far. I played Judgement before and had no idea it was similar.

  24. The load times on xbox one were too bad 🙁 I couldn't sit through almost two minuets of loading every single loading screen. The game is awesome but I gave up like half way through. Hope I get a ps5 soon to try again

  25. Had no idea this game had an english voice dub option

  26. The dude that only talks L is now talking W

  27. I 100% agree. Hate that Yakuza went this route.

  28. OK! You made me wanna get this! How do I play this?!!!

  29. i cant watch this video donkey i still need to beat the game with no spoilers i got this game a year ago cuz i saw you play the beginning on stream and this is one of the best video games i've played ever and i've played em all but i still haven't beat the main story because im an asshole and i keep spending all my chinese money coins at the arcade playing fucking virtual fighter and fantasy zone
    and also i do the go kart race

  30. problem with dragon that its tunr based killed game for me

  31. Damn, Dragonquest and Persona 5. Instant classics 👍

  32. I'm looking for giant rpg to play but I already played 3 of them at the last second of the video. :/

  33. I always feel like all the Yakuza videos are joke videos and dunkey somehow modded his game, but then you realize there made by japanese people

  34. If "never let'em know your next move" is a game

  35. i love yakuza so fucking much its such a a fucking amazing series

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