Yakuza Like a Dragon – Full Gameplay Walkthrough [HD 1080P]

Full Gameplay Walkthrough of Yakuza Like a Dragon.
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  1. Why did they change the fighting in this game? I find it so hard to enjoy the game now :/

  2. This series is an emotional masterpiece.

  3. Many thanks, that difficulty spike when you face Majima is insane and made me quit.

  4. I am already liking this game better than all of the other Yakuzas, maybe except Yakuza 0 – that one is way too good! I haven't played Lost Judgement so can't compare it to that one.

  5. Washington DC comics Marvel Spiderman miles morales

  6. Imagine spending $90 for that shit only bcz you are anime Fans😂😂

  7. I pretty much have the same haircut as Icbiban right now

  8. Why this game change be turn base game ? Thats weird

  9. …30 hours? I thought I could finish this in a day. Damn.

  10. Is there a way to skip all the cut scenes automatically. holy crap

  11. Face animation tech on some characters reminds me L.A. Noire.

  12. I had never ever played a Yakuza game in the 40 years that I am gaming. First I tried Yakuza 5, which I did not like at all. Language was only Japanese and it was like 90% cutscenes. The first fights were super easy, then suddenly I had to fight two guys at the same time who were much stronger. So I ended that ordeal. Then I tried this game (luckily in English) and in the beginning it was nice, although I normally never play turn-based battle games. But it was ok and I could win most of the time. But suddenly in chapter 4 this seems to change. Most of the groups encountered are higher level. The health of the party members gets down pretty fast, as do the health restore items. There is hardly any money to buy new ones and when you get defeated you lose half of it. So I'm pretty much done. I know there are places where you replenish, but to reach those you have to beat 3 or 4 more groups. These games appeal to some, but not to me. Much too much talking, endless cutscenes, very repetitive fighting and much too scripted. Good luck to the people who like these games, as it takes 150 to 200 hours to platinum, it seems.

  13. I don't understand. Am I the only one who always gets instantly game ended by Tendo's God punch? I gave him Nanba's level 2 damage debuff while having 900+ HP and 380 defense with 50% damage negation to FIST attacks and he is putting my lights out instantly WHILE I'M GUARDED!!!!!

  14. I'm bored i almost went to buy this game but the fighting style is boring

  15. So over half of this game is cutscenes? Wild.

  16. need 10 hour version of this

    oh, sho~

  17. it is just me or this game has 30% of gameplay and 70% of cutscenes ?

  18. youtube videos can be 30 hours long? god damn

  19. Why Tf Are They Portraying Ryo As This Amazing Fighter That's Stronger Than Tendo. This Bitch Spend 20 Years In A Wheel Chair Then Had A Lung Transplant. He Should Be The Weakest One Of All. & Wtf Happened To Kume!?

  20. Do you get all the character's ultimate weapons in this guide? p.s. are all the side quests completed in this video too?

  21. buying this game because this one has english voice acting version thanks guys 😀

  22. What kind of uncultured swine plays Yakuza in English? 🤮

  23. This game reminds me the old days playing final fantasy x, the turn based is a great choice, I play to relax and this game has a great story

  24. the story and tone of this game is so dialed and positive it's amazing, and the english translations did not fail

  25. I still think ichiban is a masochist

  26. I can't stand this trash new turn based system.. For once I wish they would make a fighting game like Yakuza you know with good story but realistic fighting combat.. Don't get me wrong, Yakuza games are fun! The best ones being judgment games because the beat um up combat is the best in any game that company ever developed! Ever! But I just mean like have the fighting actually realistic.. Like instead of having 2 by 4 snapping sounds when you hit a man or whips slashing sounds when you punch someone have it sounds like actual fists hitting a human body. Also, instead if the guy go flying over 14 buildings from one quick jab, have the guy have a realistic result. Like, have rush or heat actions but instead of spinning around the enemys head 5 times doing and quadruple backflip flipping him into outer space and slamming him back down again, 😒, have a really awesome realisssssstic combo and you slamming him into a building window or car window. Just actually have the fighting seem more realistic.. A game would be way more satisfying than that kinda of crazy stuff.. It's just Overly cartoonish and way to exaggerated!! It's fun. Don't misunderstand me. But a more realistic fighting game with realistic fighting combat would be so fun and amazing to see, one because nobody has really ever captured that. Also, on updated graphics it would be a really neat spectacle and very satisfying!

  27. W O U L D Y O U T E L L M E H O W T O G E T T O T H E S T A T I O N

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