Yakuza Like a Dragon – Full Gameplay Walkthrough [HD 1080P]

Full Gameplay Walkthrough of Yakuza Like a Dragon.
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  1. Took me 124 hours to get to the last chapter of the game, chapter 15. And that's without engaging in most of the optional mini games.

  2. Wtf. Dis type of gameplay fucked it up. Well guess I wont ever play dis but I will look at all da cut scenes

  3. ooh a whole playthrough of- oh god dubbed ABORT

  4. Bruh.. I deadass be sitting here and watch it like its a movie. I be thinking ''Awh damn, they fighting another boss, I think Im almost at the end.'' until I look to see how long I got left. I still got plenty of time, thank goodness lmaooo.

  5. If they resist physical damage use fire or something else seeing you beat the game like that was like watching a very strong baby put a square peg in the circle hole.

  6. It took a long trip of road 30 hours, more like it takes 3-4 days but finally I have finished it.

  7. adachi : be discreet

  8. The graphics on this game remind me a lot of ps2 sad 😔

  9. Why dident you edit out the giant pause you did?!?

  10. Could have edited a lot of shit out actually

  11. The fact that this game is turn based made me quit the series

  12. better than cyberpunk 2077 considering 8 years in the makin. lol

  13. You work good at this game take me play like 25 day done bro you work so hard im will subcribe to you and like hope that hopeful

  14. Well after getting my refund from Cyberpunk the biggest let down ever I’m thinking about buying this game but know nothing about the series. Is this game good? I want something over the top fun with a good long story

  15. I just realised at the start of this game Kiriyu is likely having Nishiki issues across the street.

  16. Did this go from 30 hours to 100 hours for anyone?

  17. Yakuza Like a Dragon was fun, but I really do hope they dont abandon the original formula.

  18. Wow do you not learn how to read in school? Why the long pause between dialogue box? No wonder this video is 30 hours long, you need 1 minute for each box even if it only says "Welcome". Need the ad money so bad huh

  19. nothing really interacts with the environment which is weird for this type of crime rpg. Streets of rage 4 wall bouncing did it better.

  20. Sinseramente no me gustó el juego… pero bueno xd

  21. So No one is gonna talk about how this guy played 30 hours without break?

  22. Ain't no way in hell did someone watch this entire video

  23. My friend im will let you go after this video me look
    30 hours video
    Me: im aint going stay here im planning to escape

  24. No fking way they made a black musculer jumping from a roof and just be friend with. Lmao..

  25. Tbh,i love this game combat system,i like how the turn-based combat works,i mean i've never play any of yakuza series,i just noticed this game lately,when this game blocked in indonesia im pretty curious about this and bought this game in other region(i bought this in US steam store region) im not expecting too much but i just surprised that i gave this game 9,4/10

  26. "Yakuza is a serious game that takes itself seriously"

    5:45:36 "Kasuga's job changed to Hero"

  27. DANG… and here i thought this gonna be original dubbed. lame

  28. Am I the only one who can't stop thinking you're playing like the weeknd? D:

  29. this game is fantastic. then entire story is a days content…if you finished this in 2 hours you missed everything

  30. Thank you for this upload! You are the real MVP. I can’t stand commentary while watching video games.

  31. Saw my friend play this and I enjoyed watching your playthrough This is really a fantastic story 😭

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