Yakuza / Like A Dragon Tattoo Review with Danny Trejo

Sega’s Yakuza and Like A Dragon games feature some seriously incredible tattoo art. Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth star (and noted tattoo enthusiast) Danny Trejo stopped by to critique some of the coolest back pieces in the series, and he could hardly keep his shirt on over the whole thing.

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  1. it means the struggle man to become a dragon man.

  2. Koi fish: Worked so hard to swim up stream that the god's transformed the fish into a dragon.

    Danny: Should've got a boat. 😂😂😂

  3. the dude is a great guy but it is baffling that he doesn't do his homework for this, considering that he got hired to be in the game, this review is so off the mark

  4. He reacts just like my uncle, really simple and clueless. He nailed it!

  5. If the Tiger represents strength then what does a ferret tattoo yakuza style mean?

  6. Danny’s been one of the best actors he could get any job being himself

  7. Danny Trejo is like that one crazy uncle you wish you had.

  8. Clearly he doesn't have the knowledge of japanese culture

  9. You know this game is bad when they can't make trejo look like trejo

  10. Cool I'm hoping Danny Trejos character doesn't get killed off in the game there's already one game where his character does get killed off and that's himself in Def Jam fight for NY

  11. Gta fans knows him as umberto robina from gta vice city and vice city stories.

  12. Danny's a cool dude, but this is about as bad of a tattoo review as it gets lol

  13. rips off shirt with one motion

  14. Danny Trejo being absolutely clueless about the Yakuza Universe and just calling it how he sees it.

  15. Gotta love this guy , what a class act😄

  16. Reminds me of that one co-worker winging it, at the meeting's monthly report. Who missed all other meetings 😂 love this guy

  17. Hopefully Danny Trejo’s character Dwight becomes an ally/summon after we beat him. Danny/Dwight brings out his experience of using machetes in the films and shows he was in.

  18. Dwight mendez flexing (saw the full name in another review if anyone asks lol)

  19. Not surprising he liked Taiga’s the best. On brand for him. I’m surprised you guys didn’t show him Minami’s and Rikiya’s, those are 2 of the best.

  20. People complaining about his tattoo review don’t understand that it’s fun BECAUSE he’s clueless about it

  21. The man went from Vice city to Hawaii

  22. This would be better if you stopped people on the street and had THEM review these.. This guy has no idea.

  23. "kinda looks like a jealous female demon" is a spot on description of majima

  24. Machete ataca novamente 👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽

  25. I'm so glad Danny is still relevant happy for him

  26. The vibe here comes across as someone winging an interview after forgetting to do the homework. Lol

  27. It’s interesting his perspective on the koi from his own experience and cultural background, in contrast to how much meaning it has in the culture it came from.

  28. Nishiki’s koi tattoo: a symbol of his tortured identity as a man who can never seem to earn the true respect he longs for, whether from others or from himself

    Danny: “this guy likes fish”

  29. I'm relieved he didn't die from the turtle bomb.

  30. Danny Trejo on Majima tattoo.
    "Damn, that's scary"

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