You Wont Believe what they did with this Dragon Survival Game – Day of Dragons

Day of Dragons has really pushed the bar this time. Two new dragons, New Abilities and more!

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00:00 Important
00:36 The STORM Caller (Blitz)
04:19 A VERY special treat (Storm Caller Special Ability!)
09:01 The Inferno Ravager
14:09 Battle with the Updated SandSlayer Worm
17:00 Call of the Ravager
18:40 Special Dev Extra Feature (World first Behemoth!)


  1. Can the inferno ravager breathe fire? I can’t find anything anywhere saying or showing whether it does or doesnt

  2. What was the white creature/dragon with the black snout next to the ice Elemental?

  3. these videos and the steam reviews are very conflicting

  4. Awesome to see the game making progress, but question is when will all of this be realeasing

  5. This all looks incredible! I love the way they did the wyvern run! Everythingh looks impressive. ;3;

  6. The first dragon looks like toothless from how to train your dragon

  7. Kinda wish the Blitz Striker would move across the ground with its wings working as arms rather than it just having them lifted up.

  8. I can tell the developer team loves this game alot. Especially the Admin showcasing off the blitstrikers storm ability!

  9. Well, wyverns are dragons, so stating it’s the hight DPS dragon was valid.

  10. The Blitz Striker is just a larger Skrill without back limbs

  11. The thunderstorm call thunder could definitely use some work, just upgrade the lightning to look on the same level as the ones striking straight from the storm and also change that flat light texture, or make it so you can't see it's flat during flight, otherwise it's really cool.

  12. Man to think a couple of years ago we all thought this was a scam now it's showing the potential to be a game like no other and for an early access on steam it's relatively cheap on Β£15 for me here in the UK definitely worth it in the long run

  13. Wish the devs would focus on world building so it didn't feel so empty. I'd get it again in a heartbeat.

  14. The rhino thing should be called something with horn at the end like "ironhorn" "woodhorn" "armohorn" (armour horn) "Ankylohorn" (like the armoured dino Ankylosaurus) something like that probably not my examples tho they cringeπŸ˜…

  15. When the game releases console edition is needed

  16. Omg my pre-order was worth it. I can't wait! Dod has come a long way!

  17. I'm honestly really happy with Day Of Dragons so far, it had a monumentally bad start but it's shaping up into something I'd probably play daily instead of monthly! So proud of all the progress being made!

  18. For a better looking run, I'd have the wyvern flap it's wings a bit. would help with some lift to keep the front up and add speed. Given how front heavy it looks.

  19. Can someone fill me on on how exactly anthomnia is still covering this game despite what the dev did a while ago? With the whole threatening his dog thing?

  20. The run animation kind of reminds me of flying wyvern run cycle from monster hunter

  21. The blitz striker reminds me of the skrill from httyd, you just remove the back legs XD

  22. am i the only one that thinks that the blitz just the skrill is from httyd

  23. Isn't this the game with the controversy of the devs breaking steam TOS by hardware banning players?

  24. reminds me of the Night Fury from How to Train Your Dragon in it's behaviour

  25. I love how they’re seemingly taking inspiration from httyd, the storm caller is obviously a skrill, and the inferno ravager is a monstrous nightmare, and there’s others that seem very similar to others

  26. Please tell me they plan on releasing this to console. As an Xbox player I'd buy it no questions lol

  27. Thought/question!

    Would the Flamestalker have an advantage during sandstorms because the sand in the air will be cooler than the ground and the other dragons so it’ll be able to see with its thermal sensing??

  28. YOOOO THATS THE SKRILL, from httyd it has the same thing like the skrill witch makes it more sick, OML i love the new lighting dragon AHH!

  29. I wish they'd release this game on consoles

  30. The blitz striker is literally the Skrill from how to train your dragon lmao

  31. I'm so glad it turned out to not be a scam!!

  32. It's like the skrill of hoe to train your dragon

  33. Name suggestion for the rhino thing: CrackleHorn

  34. cant wait to see you play this game when its fully done πŸ˜€

  35. Looks amazing!! Great job to everyone working on this game.

  36. That snake dragon looks like the dragon from how to train your dragon

  37. Best way to say the species of the blitz is (am-fi-there) amphithere i may or may not have books on dragonology and a gameboard aswell

  38. How to make a Blitz striker:

    Step one grab a skrill
    Step two rip off all legs


  39. VΓ­deo de mini esfiha do pai se ficar com muitos amigos tipo do produto do mundo do amigo no fogo

  40. idk i was really excited for dod but this is really not meeting up to par. the updates are coming so slow we get sneak peeks but then no release… all the hype with not alot of actual progress shown to the open community. overall with the last few months and streams im very disappointed.

  41. the highest dps dragon is inspired by the monstruous nightmare from httyd isn't it?

  42. Vid title gets me excited but then I realize I’ve seen it so many times and I feel old, like I grew up with these vids or something, idk I think ima need a break

  43. just gonna comment cus i liked this vid πŸ™‚

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